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Saarmann Performance Consulting (SPC) is a performance consulting business specializing in assisting individuals, teams and organizations reach peak performance. The goal of our service is to help clients maximize their performance results and to achieve their professional and personal goals. The focus of SPC is to work closely with our clients to develop the mental toughness required for high achievement. We do this through assessments and the teaching of specific skills and strategies. We provide comprehensive mental training services for athletes, performing artists, business executives, military personnel, students and life coaching for individuals. We do not provide clinical mental health services as part of our portfolio, but can refer clients to a licensed psychologist or mental health provider if needed. 


How does SPC work?

SPC uses a performance model based on scientific research. Consultations with individuals and teams/organizations include three distinct phases; an assessment phase, a skill implementation phase and a performance results phase. These are designed specifically to meet our clients' needs. 


SPC consults nationally and internationally and sessions can take place in person, by phone or by video conferencing. Client privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed. Seminars and group workshops are also available. Contact us to determine what performance package will work best for you. We look forward to working with you and helping you reach all of your performance goals. It truly is our passion!

About SPC

About Ian 

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Ian Saarmann is the owner of Saarmann Performance Consulting (SPC). His passion is to help people perform their best when it counts the most. His strengths include the ability to identify what really motivates a person and to develop a step by step performance plan specifically created to meet his clients's needs. His easy going, engaging consulting style combines with an intense desire to see his clients reach their goals and full potential. Ian's unique background has given him the experience and expertise to help people perform their best across all walks of life.


Ian received his M.A. in Physical Education and Sport Psychology from San Diego St. University. He has worked with professional athletes, award winning Division 1 collegiate athletes and teams, as well as athletes training at the US Olympic Training Center. He has also worked with scholastic athletes and Special Olympic athletes who have gone on to medal at National and World Games. Ian has directed multiple fitness centers and is a former personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise. Some of his personal achievements include being a marathon runner, earning membership to the United States Running Streak Association and winning scholastic basketball team MVP. 

Ian also earned his B.A. from The George Washington University (DC) in Political Science. He worked on Capitol Hill for six years, including interning for the iconic show "Meet the Press" and working for C-SPAN. He worked closely with high achieving political, media and business leaders and saw first hand how individuals and organizations operate, compete and handle pressure at the highest levels.

His views on performance were also shaped early on by a family very involved in the performing arts, acting and film making. Ian has taken his performance model and successfully applied it to working with professional actors and performing artists, helping them navigate the competitive world of creating, auditioning and performing their best when called upon.

Ian lives on Cape Cod, Massachusetts with his wife Alissa and two sons. He enjoys spending time with his family, running and going to the beach.